iSunOne debuts on Nasdaq

Barbara Yuhui Chai

On June 3, iSunOne, a global blockchain-based mobile App on wealth management and private communication, debuts on the Nasdaq billboards in Time Square of New York City.

TIDEiSun Group, the service provider of iSunOne, has developed BOLT, the fundamental blockchain technology of iSunOne. “The blockchain application scenarios of TIDEiSun match three principles that a mature blockchain project needs to acquire–technology advantage, community advantage, and capital advantage. An energized community with active nodes of miners, developers, users, crypto traders, shareholders, and investors thus provides a prominent appreciation potential for the tokens issued by TIDEiSun.”

iSun.One works with TideBit | Bitcoin/Ethereum Exchange, the world’s first centralized crypto exchange on the Ethereum public chain. Built upon BOLT, TIDEiSun Group ‘s core public chain technology, TideBit’s transactions data can be packed and transmitted back to the public chain as fast as 10 million TPS.

iSun.One also partners with iSunMall, the world’s first e-commerce system that launches the world’s first blcokchain based high-end wine supply-chain system to eliminate wine counterfeit!

Through iSunOne, customers can also access the program content of SunTV. SunTV is in the process of tokenization. The media platform will accept bitcoin or crypto as the payment method of media subscription. Meanwhile, programs viewers will be able to acquire tokens when they choose to view the media programs in broadcasting. At iSunOne provides collateral loan service! You don’t need to sell your crypto to get cash! Without accessing your credit score, loans are instantly available through our automated process. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stable coins supported by HKD and USD are available for collateral loan! Through working with MasterCard, iSunOne helps customers shop globally!

While enjoying fast, easy, and safe blockchain-based service on private wealth management, iSunOne makes sure that social network and communication among its community members are encrypted and stored on a decentralized blockchain network. Users can easily download iSunOne from Apple store or Google Play.

Chen Ping, the founder TIDEiSun, also an intellectual scholar and former policy maker, is the owner of SunTV–one of the few remained independent Chinese-language media, appeared in the billboard advertisement.

In 1984, as one of the young and prominent economic experts and policy makers on China’s reform and opening up, Ping attended the historic Moganshan Conference, convened to build up the transformation of the modern China. After the Tiananmen Incident on June 4, 1989, he started his career as an international business entrepreneur. In 1992, he established TIDETIME Group in Hong Kong. In 2005, TIDEiSun Group completed the acquisition of SunTV and restructured it into a wholly owned subsidiary media channel, dedicated to the production and broadcasting of independent documentaries and in-depth talk shows focusing on political, social, and economic issues in Chinese society. 

Today, TIDEiSun Group has become a multi-business enterprise on finance, technology and media. In 2019, TIDEiSun Group ranks as one of the world’s top ten most influential FinTech enterprises by APAC CIOOutlook, a renounced FinTech media platform based in Silicon Valley.

As an intellectual, Ping published The Age of Plunder in 2016. The book explores the current global economic and financial mechanism and the reason that it motivates business monopoly, wealth concentration, and stimulates the continuous expansion of the global business oligarchy, which contributes to global income inequality. It can have a snowball effect if left not checked–the global cyclical economic and financial crises as the most disastrous outcome. The world has to be equipped with new technology and especially new models of social, economic, and political governance to renovate itself to avoid the next systematic self-destruction.

“A mature capitalist society based on universal values should not only acknowledge that people are born equal, but also grant them equal access to information in their social lives.” Ping commented in The Age of Plunder. It was in his pursuit of this equality and fairness that he discovered something revolutionary. In 2001, he began to invest in the blockchain. The blockchain is a system with no one person in charge, but rather a system with collective, equal responsibility. No information can be tampered with, with an option for privacy. Its values of equality and fairness resonated with Ping: this was the system he had been looking for.”

Since 2009, Ping has started investing in iSunCloud, an encrypted and decentralized cloud storage architecture of security and efficiency, aiming to usher in a new information age, where a user of the cloud storage systems not only would turn into a developer but also coordinate with each other automatically to build up a safer and faster data storage mechanism. The idea of establishing a decentralized storage system of automatic computing and communicating network initiated TIDEiSun Group to conduct a series of research and development efforts in the following decade to create BOLT, TIDEiSun’s own public blockchain technology.  

To tackle the global economic and financial cyclical crises, Ping, as a scholar specialized in economics, further proposes consumer-investor economic theory on the basis of blockchain technology: consumer spending creates investment value. According to him, consumer spending directly transforms consumers to investors by creating investment value through consumption. The theory effectively balances the consumer interests, investor interests, and enterprise interests. Through the investment returns earned from consumption, consumers have more influences and enjoy more benefits. Thus, the innovative economic model changes the status-quo distribution mechanism and propels transformation of the current economic model of capitalism toward an era of sustainable development. 

Based on Ping’s innovative economic theory to reform the status-quo economic principle on consumption and investment, TideBit utilizes the technology advantages of BOLT and has issued TBT, the world’s first consumer proprietary tokens. TideBit is owned by TIDEiSun. It is one of the world’s safest cryptocurrency exchange platform supporting and the only crypto exchange in the world that supports transactions with fiat currencies of HKD, USD, EUR, and Turkish lira.

iSunOne teams up with TideBit to launch TATM, a crypto ATM vending machine, this April at the 16th HKDTC International ICT Expo. The successful business promotion has attracted the coverages by Bloomberg, Nasdaq, and MarketWatch, the world’s three biggest market-trend news agencies! By pioneers the new world of Smart Life, TATM proceedS recharge and cash-withdrawal services to connect fiat currencies (USD, RMB, EUR) with crypto circulation in one debit card–iSun.One. TATM also integrates crypto ATM vending machine with advertisement boards. All of the transactions are finished through mobile text messages or facial recognition.

After downloading iSun.One App from Apple store or Google Play, users of TATM transact with the debit card and its mobile App to trade BTC, ETH, and stable coins backed by four fiat currencies, including USD, HKD, EURO, and Turkish lira. All transactions data is traceable on BOLT, an Ethereum-based public chain.

“An innovative economic model changes the status-quo distribution mechanism and propels transformation of the current economic model of capitalism toward an era of sustainable development.” TATM was awarded by Hong Kong Trade Development Council as one of the best exemplars of Smart Economy in Hong Kong for its adoption of “tech-savvy economic solution” for “promoting a sharing economy and embracing new economic pillars of the future.”

Today, Ping has invested enormously into blockchain tech in his desire to bring equality, fairness, and justice. He now owns and manages the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong, and has no intention of stopping there. Like his parents before him, Chen Ping has taken his vision of a bright future into his hands. Through the blockchain, his future is equal, fair and sustainable for all.

When recalling his over fifty years of life pursuit of freedom, equality, democracy, truth, and justice, he always traced back to his father who, over one night in the late 1950s, was labelled as a traitor and banned from returning to China from the USSR. Ping would not see his father again for over thirty years. However, it was just before leaving for the USSR that his father gifted a young Ping with the full extent of his book collection, passing on a love of knowledge and learning that would stay with Ping for the rest of his days.

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