Global Token Limited debuts digital currency vending machine TATM

Partnered with TideiSun Group, a Hong Kong listed Company, Global Token Limited exhibits a digital currency ATM vending machine dubbed “TATM” in Hong Kong at the 16th Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) International ICT Expo.

Returning for its 16th edition, the HKTDC International ICT Expo 2019 provides a fascinating look of future technology through the lens of smart city and ICT solutions, gathered over 3,600 leading exhibitors from Canada, France, India and Korea, as well as Mainland China.

TATM is immediately selected as the Poster Child for Smart Economy in Hong Kong International Expo. Its unique feature is that it allows three fiat currencies up to 650,000 USD per operation.

Robin Xie, Executive Director of Global Token Limited and CEO of TideiSun, answers questions from public media how the unique features of the bitcoin ATM by Global Token Limited.

According to Global Token Limited, in order to provide smart living services, TATM serves as a combination of smart advertising screens and smart token vending machine, which facilitates small deposit and withdrawal transactions through text messages and facial recognition.

The company’s main business is intelligent trading through blockchain technology services, also focuses on intelligent trading, traditional and creative brokerage and investment banking services realized through blockchain technology.

Two French Bitcoin miners show deep interest in the bitcoin ATM.

Global Token Limited further outlines that TATM pioneers the new world of Smart Life by proceeding recharge and cash-withdrawal services to connect fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies circulation in one debit card–– iSun.One.

Chen Ping, Chairman of Global Token further explains, “TATM is more powerful than a bitcoin ATM, users can exchange three fiat currencies (RMB, HKD, USD)  to and from various kinds of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XPA, etc.) with seamless integration to multi-functional digital wallet dubbed “iSunOne”. TATM also sells point card, sims card, data card; allows travelers to grab and go.”

Chen Ping says, “By working with TideiSun Group, every transaction will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain through its second layer solution called BOLT.”

TATM is then promoted by Hong Kong Trade Development Council as one of the exemplars of Smart Economy in Hong Kong for its adoption of “tech-savvy economic solution” for “promoting a sharing economy and embracing new economic pillars of the future.”

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