Miners claiming for a share of massive mining payout worth 2100 ETH which are being temporarily frozen


Ethereum mining community has received the highest mining reward in history through Sparkpool. As the community may think that this strange activity could be seen as windfall incomes, it has also causes trouble for the mining pool. Considering it was a possible outcome of random flukes by some traders, Sparkpool has decided to put a temporary freeze on the funds. Since then, miners has demanding for an immediate distribution of profits.

According to a blockchain media in China 8BTC, the high payout is said to be a “Hot Potato” for Sparkpool, as the team has been frequently receiving calls from miners intended to claim for their “Lantern Festival Gift Pack” rewards, and emphasizing that the high payout should be allocated immediately following the Sparkpool’s mining rules. Needless to say, perhaps Sparkpool was lucky enough to receive 2,100 ETH as a mining rewards, but it is more like opening a can of worms.

As the payout hits record high 2100 ETH for the first time in history, it has triggered the transaction alarm setup by Sparkpool, and the funds will remain frozen until the sender reaches out and claims it. According to the mining rules, the funds will be distribute to miners who involved in the specific mining activity if no one shows up.

As a result, Ethereum miners who were mining in Sparkpool on that day will more likely receive a higher share of incomes.

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