Chinese Local Government Develops Digital Economy with Blockchain



The Chinese government takes separate perspectives on cryptocurrency and the blockchain, with a ban on cryptocurrency transactions and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) but many expectations for blockchain technology. It hopes to apply new technologies and patents towards finance and governance for intelligence and efficiency.



According to ChainDD’s article, “Jiangxi’s Ganzhou’s Government Rapidly Develops Blockchain Industry  江西贛州政府:大力發展區塊鏈金融產業沙盒園”:



Ganzhou city in Jiangxi Province plans to construct a new provincial financial district that will act as a blockchain finance industrial park. This new park will be a platform where regional finance entities can congregate.




HS NEWS, in its article “Haishu Digital Economy Three-Year Action Plan Launches to Create Provincial Digital Economy Development Zone海曙數字經濟三年行動計劃出爐打造全省數位經濟發展先行區,” describes the recently-released economic plans of Haishu in Ningbo:



Emerging industries, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the blockchain, the digitalization of commerce and trade, and smart city construction are all important for the development of Haishu’s economy.




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